Life Groups

Life Groups are small groups of people who meet in nurturing and  non-threatening environments. The relaxed and relational nature of these groups provides an excellent setting to build healthy relationships with others and with God. Life Groups are a great way to get involved in the life of the church and meet new people and grow in your relationship with Christ.

LIFE GROUPS Fall & Winter 2017-2018


The goal of the Family Matters group is to help grow and cultivate young families within the body of Christ with biblical principles. 

Leaders: Doug & La’Trece Gaither 


Our group provides a place to experience joy, peace and the love of God by exploring His Word (The Bible) together. We want to grow in the knowledge of God through sharing life experiences and digging for the priceless jewels found in God’s Word. 

Leaders: Rick Wheeler & Catherine Haygood


God intended for your marriage to last a lifetime. If you are newly married, married one or fifty years, there is always more to learn, through honest discussions, play, prayer and studying God’s word in a supportive environment.  We explore how husbands and wives can experience marriage in a biblical way.

Leaders: Stefon & Marcie Spruill 


Outreach & Fellowship is committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our community (family, friends and neighbors). We want to be passionate followers of Jesus Christ by growing in our faith, love and caring for people the way Jesus does. 

Leaders: Jonathan & Wanessa Lawerance 


God’s desire is to have a personal and intimate love relationship with us. The best way to achieve that is through prayer and reading His word. Together we will seek after God’s heart and desires for our lives. We will learn how to pray more biblically and strategically with power, conviction and faith; how to more effectively fight the battles of our life in prayer first, casting them on His shoulders. We believe our Heavenly Father is calling us into a deeper relationship with Him.

∙ Leader: Dennis & Lauren Bradley, John & Vanessa Crowe


Empathy is the watchword for our Life Group called, Reflections. God made us in his image. We will seek to embrace that image by examining what the image (Imago Dei) represents. This is important because it is who you truly are. 

Leaders: Willie Welch & Anthony Phillips